60 second Interview with Phil McGrew

CC: Who are you & where are you?
PMcG: Phil McGrew Coral Springs, Florida, USA phil@currensys.com 954.753.1053

CC: What is the name of your company?
PMcG: CurrenSys www.currensys.com

CC: Tell me more about yourself & your company
PMcG: I have been trading since 1986. Mutual funds, stocks, options, and finally, Forex for the last 4 years. I designed my system for myself in an effort to provide more objective entries and exits. Some friends found it to be valuable and convinced me that it was worth sharing. The code integrates everything I care about when making a trading decision so I don’t need to consult additional indicators when considering a position. After a year of testing, I began offering the code and support in mid-2005. Many of my first users are still with me today. The site was published a year later and continues to grow.

CC: How do you personally trade?
PMcG: I’m not a scalper so whatever you call the rest of us is fine with me. My favorite time frames are the 15 and 240 minute charts. I hold my trades anywhere from a few hours to a week. I trade for a living so I’m just about always in the market. Good, high probability opportunity is always presenting itself. The next opportunity is being formed right now and that is what I love about Forex.

CC: What is the best advice you ever got or heard?
PMcG: “He who pick bottom get stinky finger.” Picking tops and bottoms sound really cool when you’re gathered around the water cooler at work but it is a low probability, high risk endeavor that won’t sustain you or your account. Your friends will be more impressed when you leave to trade on your own.

Thanks Phil for taking 60 seconds out of your busy day to chat with Captain Currency.

If you would like to get more information about Phil McGrew or his trading systems you can visit his site www.currensys.com