BoE Interest Rates & Foot & Mouth. Is it a Double Act?

Today's BoE interest rate is at its highest since April 2001, when foot and mouth disease was ravaging the UK countryside. Not to be left out, the foot & mouth nightmare has come back to visit the UK.

4th of August 2007:
The European Union is banning British livestock exports after the latest foot and mouth
outbreak in the UK.

It comes as farmers in this country wait nervously to see if there are any fresh cases of the disease after foot and mouth was discovered in Surrey.
There is a nationwide ban on the movement of all cattle, pigs and sheep as officials try to stop a new epidemic.
The latest outbreak on a farm near Guildford raised fears of another catastrophe like the one in 2001, which brought chaos to Britain and left farming and tourist industries devastated.
It led to the slaughter of between 6.5 and 10 million animals, ruined many farmers and rural businesses and is estimated to have cost the country up to £8.5bn.