I will be buying GBP/USD at 2.0251

BUY GBP/USD at 2.0251 (order)
STOP-LOSS at 2.0110
TARGET in the direction of all time highs 2.0650

REASON FOR THE TRADE: There have been rumours flying around the floor of the NYSE on Friday that the Fed may intervein and lower interest rates by as much as half a percent if the current liquidity problems in the market continue. The Fed had to inject capital on 3 ocassions on Friday to help bolster liquidity. The week ahead is a big week for US inflation and any data which comes in higher will put the USD under pressure.
UPDATE: 13th of August 2007. The Fx market holds no prisioners. This order was activated by a few pips, then tanked south on poor economic numbers out of the UK.
Result -141 points.