Managed Account Programme

Just thought I would plug my own services on my own blog if thats ok with you!
I just want to tell you a bit about my Managed Account Programme and put some ideas out there. If we where to believe the figures that 90-95% of new traders blow up their account within 1 year, well, why do they trade in the first place? Why dont they just get an approved company with a positive track record to managed their account on a limited power of attorney basis? Here is one idea why maybe they dont, maybe they want to have a go themselves at beating the markets & making lots of money. Thats ok with me, I admire their courage. But the worlds of a professional fund manager and a hobby trader are very different. A good fund manager will always be looking at the risk of a trade. He/she will be using very little leverage, unless its an agressive fund. Their monthly or quartely targets will be realistic and proven. Their experience in the markets will be far greater than a hobby trader. Their resources will be far superior and even the price that their broker gives them will be better than that of the hobby traders retail broker. So whats the catch? Well.....there is'nt one. Here is how the managed account programme works: You the client would have to fully understand the risks involved in trading the Fx market with leverage. You would have to have a basic understanding of the Fx market. You would have to have your application approved by our preferred broker and we would have to accept you as a client. If all of the above are approved the fund manager will trade your account on a limited power of attorney basis, this means he can only buy or sell currencies on your behalf through your personal account. The fund manager will aim for a net 25% return per annum on your account. This figure could also be greater than 25% if trading is going better than expected. You will have access to your account 24/7 and be able to see the balance at anytime. You will recieve a quartely account summary from the fund manager. The maximum drawndown from the initial balance is 40%. In other words if you open a 10,000 account and at some point that account drops down to 6,000, the fund manager will stop trading and contact you to discuss carrying on trading or stopping.
The fees that the fun manager will earn will be 25% on any profits. If the account has a losing period, the fund manager will only get paid when the account gets above the previous high point again. The fund manager recieves a 1 pip rebate on all transactions from the broker.
There are no other hidden costs. The minimum account size that I trade is 10,000 euro.
I am approved by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA) to trade the Fx spot market for third parties. My brokers are approved by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
If you are interested in speaking to me about managing your account you can e-mail me at