The Ducks in Action! EUR/USD & USD/JPY

Another day in paradise - aka the Fx market!

Just two day trades taken from The 3 Duck's Trading System today. First off was a buy signal on Eur/Usd at 1.4129, I had my stop-loss placed at 1.4109 and the target was open. Things did'nt quiet work out on this CHOPPY pair today, prices got back below the 5min sma and the low at 1.4118 - so I cut my losses early (-11).

Second trade today was the Usd/Jpy. The DOW being up today helped! I was a bit late getting into this trade but I thought there was still some upside potential left in this pair. I bought at 115.35 and had a stop-loss 20 pips from entry, below the 5min low. The target for this trade was straight forward, 1.5 v 1 risk v reward! This trade was fairly painless and made 30 pips.

The above trades where taken using The 3 Duck's Trading System, please read the guidelines.
PS: Well done to Eric the Economist for getting his work on REUTERS website.