Taking Advantage of Sterling Strength

It's not the type of heading we have seen in the past few weeks but sterling is looking better bid against the USD in the last few days. It has broken slightly higher than the 24th of August high at 2.0318 this am, but will it continue?

There was a nice oppertunity to get long this pair in the london session this morning using The 3 Duck's Trading System & a bit of our own market knowledge!

Here is how it looked:

Entry: 2.0235 / Stop-loss: 2.0205 / Target: 2.0295

Important: We are not saying that The 3 Duck's Trading System is the "Holy Grail" of trading, of course it has it's losing trades. We like to use it with our own market knowledge and view it as a common sense approach to price observation.


Captain Currency.