What Traders are saying about The 3 Duck's Trading System

Pma: (Elite Trader) Nice trading Captain! Your system cleaned up on the euro today!

Billbss: (Forex Factory)
I picked up 98 pips on GBP/USD within the last 4 or 5 hours, with an initial 24 pip SL.

Trader1234: (Baby Pips) probably one of the best & simple tips to help stay with the market that I've read in awhile.. thanks Captain.

JTrader: (Trade2Win) This system is a simple example of how multi-timeframe confirmation can be used to ensure you are looking to trade in the right (trend) direction.

Dav: (Baby Pips) Just read your thread and tried your methodology, works pretty nice... well done.

Petersurrey: (FX Review) Having just attended an excellent seminar by CC and followed the 'system' for most of this week on various currency pairs I can thoroughly recommend it for the following reasons: precise entries and exits set in advance, one trade per day per currency on average, excellent risk:reward ratio minimum of 2:1 but can be up to 4:1, trading with three time frames in unison not one, always trading with a strong trend be it up or down, suitable for any currency pair price action based with no indicators apart from one SMA , very easy to tell of trade is going against you and therefore reduce losses even further

Skyline: (Forex Factory)
Made 100 pips yesterday on gu , today 107 on gj and 39 on gu for a total 6 wins and 1 loss (20 pips on gu today)

Ampro: (Trade2Win) you’ll be filling your tank up this week CC huh? Nice pop on the Cable earlier around the UK Hse Prices release. Couple decent add in longs on the EUR/YEN & GBP/YEN this week too by the looks. Guinness tab is on you for next month then

Awsl: (4XLOUNGE) interesting system, will try it out

Pkffw: (Baby Pips) Hi Captain, Interesting system you have here. I like the simplicity.

Primajaya: (Forex TSD) always like simple methods, for me simple method work best and your's are simple too..

Droesparky: (Baby Pips) Hey CC nice system with very simple and straightforward logic. I think even I can follow it.

Bocajunior: (Baby Pips) Thanks for sharing this system. I like it's simplicity.

Tonymand: (Baby Pips) Very useful to have the trade charts Captain. If you are going to make this a regular feature I very much look forward to following along

Trader333: (Trade2Win) Thanks for sharing, I can see that this is a great little method you have

Tess: (Baby Pips) Nice to see yet another simple, easily assimilated & common sense approach to price observation posted on the forum! Kudos to you for slinging it up. I guess those who quickly appreciate exactly what it is you're gently nudging folks towards, will pick it up & run with it Easy on the eye & very simple to wrap around each persons individual risk tolerance! Cool.

Patch: (Forex TSD) Captain Currency, I love your Logo and your handle !!! What great fun. And the three duck picture is priceless and a reminder of simplicity. I've come to realize that simple is always best when it comes to me and trading.

Ronyn: (Forex TSD) Thanks for sharing

LazyPip: (Forex Factory)
This system looks very promising, thank you very much for sharing it! I really needed something to do while my longer timeframe trades don't set up. Will do some backtesting now.