Bull or Bear? - Be a Duck!

Trend traders have surley been rubbing their hands over the past few week. The Euro, Aussie dollar and Canadian dollar have all been very "trendie" against the US dollar over the past few weeks and longer. For all those traders who go against the trend and try and pick tops and bottoms, their trading accounts must be a little bit lighter. The 3 Duck's Trading System has surley kept me on the winning side over the last few months and also helped me resist the temptation of trading against the trend and selling "tops".
The 3 Duck's Trading System was "released" into the wider trading community about two months ago, the feedback was very positive. I hope the system as made you a bit wiser and richer. I like the simplicity of this system and its common sense approach to price observation.
Details of this "system" can be found here

Carpe Diem,

Captain Currency.