Alan Greenspan says

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says the odds the US will fall into a recession are 'clearly rising' and he believes economic growth is 'getting close to stall speed.'Greenspan, who ran the central bank for 18.5 years, until early 2006, offered his views on the economy in an interview on NPR News' Morning Edition that will air on Friday. Excerpts of the interview were released on Thursday. A severe slump in the housing market, a stubborn credit crisis and turbulence on Wall Street are endangering the country's economic health. Growth in the current October through December period is expected to have slowed to a feeble pace of just 1.5 percent, or less. Economists, including Greenspan, have warned that the chances of a recession are growing. Asked whether the economy will tip into a recession - something that has not happened since 2001- Greenspan said, 'It's too soon to say, but the odds are clearly rising.'