You little Beauty!

CRIKEY! I'm going all Australian as all I seem to be talking about over the past few days is the Aussie dollar. In the previous post I talked about wanting to buy the Aussie dollar if it broke and held above the 0.9100 level. Well good news, it broke the 0.9100 level yesterday and moved as high as 0.9139. I was curious to see if it would hold above the 0.9100 level before I bought it. After a run back down to the 0.9100, it bounced and we got a buy entry in the 0.9121 area following The 3 Duck's Trading System rules. My stop-loss was placed at 0.9096 below support and the round number and my target was the next round number up at 0.9200.
All in all, a 25 pip risk for a 79 pip reward - just over 3 to 1.