Eur.Gbp will it go lower?

All our ducks are lined up for a sell on Eur.Gbp so I'm short at 0.8498, my stop-loss is at 0.8598 and my target is open for now. The Eur.Gbp pair has been going sideways for the last few weeks so it was not a pair that us trend followers where looking to trade. However over the last few days it has been breaking the daily lows and staying lower. The 240min chart looks good also with lower lows and lower highs in place.

6.8.09 Update; I couldn't hold on to this position any longer, current price has crossed above the 60min sma after been up +44 pips from earlier on. So Im out for a -55 pip loss :-) Suppose its safter to be out with a -55 pip loss than risking the full stop-loss of 100 pips.