Captain Currency says

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If you fancy trading with the wind at your back and having a dabble with your Ducks over the next 48-72 hours, two decent pairs worth watching are;

1. Eur.Usd
2. Eur.Gbp

The Euro is getting bullied out there and is under selling pressure once again …. your Ducks favor shorts on the Eur.Usd (selling the Euro) and shorts on the Eur.Gbp (selling the Euro).

All bets are off
For me all short bets would be off the table on Eur.Usd if we get a break and hold above the 1.2333 area in the coming days.

Stop-Losses and Profit Targets
The 3 Ducks is a discretionary approach and stop-losses and profit targets are going to be up to you, your choice.