Captain Currency says

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Blowing Lower
If you fancy having a Dabble with your Ducks (even on a demo account) over the next 48-72 hours then Eur.Gbp could be worth a look. This pair has been blowing lower since the start of June. Granted it’s not the most glamorous pair to be trading but when it’s in a trend it can turn a nice profit for a tight enough stop-loss if you are trading with the 3 Ducks and the wind at your back.

All bets are off
For me all short bets would be off the table on Eur.Gbp if we get a break and hold above the 0.7912 area in the coming days.

Stop-Losses and Profit Targets
The 3 Ducks is a discretionary approach and stop-losses and profit targets are going to be up to you, your choice.