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Olympic Gold Medal for Traders
If you fancy going for Olympic Gold and scoring a winning 3 Ducks trade over the next 48-72 hours then Aud.Usd could be worth a look. Your Ducks favor longs (buys) on this pair when they all line up and this pair has been swinging higher over the last few weeks.

All bets are off
For me all potential long trade set-ups and bullish interest would be off the table if we get a break and hold below the 1.0450 area in the coming days – see chart for a closer look

Retracements and Pullback will be a natural part of any trend. Don’t flip from been Bullish to Bearish just because of a current or recent pullback.

Stop-Losses and Profit Targets
The 3 Ducks is a discretionary approach and stop-losses and profit targets are going to be up to you, your choice.

Get yourself into a winning trade,